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Safe and Reliable Money Transfer both local and International

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Are you having doubts and can’t decide which reliable money transfer, both local and International?

Here I can tell you in details which Money Transfer I’m using for a very long time.  Money Gram is my safest and reliable one when it comes to sending money to my family, I used to send every once a month throughout the year. You can choose to send through online or just walking in the nearest outlet at your local place.  In my Case, I used to send in an outlet but since I’m living in countryside 30 minutes far from City I’m truly thankful that Money Gram have an Outlet through Poste Italiana (if you reside in Italy). So, you will have an idea where you can find money gram outlet. All you need to bring is just your Identity Card and Tessara Sanitaria and if I remember well fees 7 euro or may vary based on transaction details such transferred amount and pick up time method.

Now with their latest updated, I read that you can do transaction online good thing you can save time and effortless.  Soon I’m going to try online transaction and write you updates of how the whole process. 😉

any thoughts?

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