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The husband and I, as well as our children are all prescription eyeglass wearers! There’s a tie between my husband and kids on who needs a new pair first, but as the lady of the house, I anticipate these things happening, and everyone has at least 2 pair. If you know you know, glasses are one of the most practical gifts you can ever get someone! It’s like wow, you care that I can see! My mom also wears them, so this year I’m going to surprise her with a cute pair I know she’ll wear, (she’s a sucker for anything cat eye shaped), and my brother, who swears he doesn’t need them. The brands and quality at Zenni Optical are very nice and durable, for everyday wear. They have plenty of options, and frames, I’m sure they have something for everyone. Men, Women, and Children. The are super easy to communicate with and you can expect what you order to show up on time.

I am letting everyone know about this 20% off sale because it ends on 12/4! Even without it, it’s worth it, but saving money at the same time as you’re saving the eyesight you have left is pretty genius. All while looking great and studious. I get so many compliments on my frames and it makes me feel beautiful.

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    Good idea

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