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Get this affordable Trekking shoes (Salomon Gore-TEX)

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I used to live in a place where shoes are not my almost every day fashion, so I have sensitive foot problem wearing shoes in a couple of hours. But recent years, life living is changed, I started being active in trekking. Then shoes and boots is our most priority of having good quality.

SALOMON X ULTRA 4 MID GORE—TEX trekking shoes is great in terms of quality. I love this pair I have, I’m very contented. Fit to my sensitive feet that will easily get hurt after in a long walked. Some brand not fit to me is so disappointing, not Until I found this Solomon Gore-Tex.  This brand has softer materials especially around the collar and heel and really design for women’s feet. Quality are more on lightweight and perfect grip both up and downhill in all types of terrain. Another thing too, the presence of ankle lock system. Protects your ankle if in case accidentally split. Designs are good also for all seasons, have Gore-Tex Performance that guarantees you with complete impermeability.

Interested to get a pair too? Just check out shopping Platform and learns if it’s perfect for you. Guaranteed and recommended.

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