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Learn other languages at home

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Learn a new language from home at the time of your choice for free!

Duolingo offers you more than 30 languages for you to choose from and start learning from the beginning. The best thing is that you don’t have to pay for any of these courses. If you don’t have time to learn another language, don’t let that restrict you. On this page, you can learn anytime you want and if you have it on your phone, and you are very forgetful, you can activate the notifications so that the app remembers you. If you learn from your computer, then don’t worry, you can activate your notifications by email, so they remember you to learn your courses.

The learning method used in the app is very wide. You complete sentences, transcribe them, traduce them, record audio, match words with images or their translation, etc. The lessons are divided into sections, first is the basic one, and then you start learning: nouns, objects, adjectives, animals, verbs, and more. If you want to skip a section, then you have to do an exam to prove you’re ready to skip it.  Anytime you end a lesson, you are congratulated by Duo, who continues motivating you to keep learning.

Of course, there are purchase in the app/web, but that is only if you want to have “Super Duolingo”, also the app/web let you try it for two weeks for free.

Duolingo is available in App Store, play store, and online.

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