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Our purpose is to inform online users on everything that is happening around the world. We focus on politics, culture, sport and nature.

We have no political orientation, we just want to inform, educate and entertain Internet users through the various articles that we will publish on our online magazine.

“PLANET POSTS” is a frenchspeeking magazine, which wants to be a little glamorous. We focus on news from six continents, Africa, Europe, North and South America, Asia, and Oceania.

The political section focuses on all that is happening around the world, the successes and failures of political leaders.

The culture section speaks of Art and Education. We promote artists and their creations. We make publications in the medical and technical field, we also publish articles to help people to develop in the scientific field and the invention.

The sports section is oriented on football, and all other kind of sports.

The section on nature talks about nature and the environment.

Online users will surely appreciate the content of this innovative online magazine.

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    Thanks for this action this is your talent of writing text so courage

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