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Range Rover Evoque: How Luxurious Can It Be?

land rover evoque

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Grounded on Land Rover’s’ in- house’ aluminium armature, the Range Rover Evoque offers massive space. The company has also added an fresh luggage space by installing a retired charger beneath the frontal centre armrest.

The new model is equipped with 16- inch light- amalgamation bus. The SUV offers an advanced infotainment system and motorist backing technology with advanced safety features. It also boasts of a new surfboard charger with nine selectable seating positions and 360- degree visibility.

The Land Rover Range Rover Evoque gets a range of inbuilt features like binary- zone climate control, voyage control, an eight- speaker audio system with subwoofer, Bluetooth connectivity, a hinder camera with dynamic grid lines, electrochromic hinder- view glass and illuminated glove box.

Powering the auto is a2.0- litre, four- cylinder diesel machine that can induce 173bhp of power and 340Nm of necklace. The machine comes slept to a nine- speed automatic transmission and is slept to all- wheel- drive system as standard.

In terms of safety, the new Range Rover Evoque features standard features like Park Distance Control( PDC), cross business alert with boscage support, Traffic subscribe Recognition, Adaptive Cruise Control, active lane control and mitigation.

The SUV is powered by Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and the auto also gets a new 3D virtual windscreen.

The Range Rover Evoque is available in seven colour options including the usual colours like Empire Blue, Sapphire Blue, Beijing White, Kona Blue, Ingot Silver, Indus Silver and Jet Black.


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