Accrual and Payment of Earned Funds



Dear AdKeeps authors, due to content copy protection reasons withdrawn of earned funds have been transferred to the new Payment Terms. Net-15 end of the month (EOM) means that the payment is due 15 days after the end of the month in which you sent the Promotional Post. Before payouts, your creative will be re-checked for uniqueness.

We pay royalties to authors for each written and submitted publication.

Royalties start at $5 per post with a maximum of $20 per post, depending on the quality of the post. (See below for more details).

Authors can withdrawal any and all earned royalties at any time. There are no penalties or prequalification.

Payments are made during standard business hours. The average processing time for payment is three (3) banking days.

We use PayPal to pay our authors. There are no exceptions.

How We Determine the Fee Structure for Promo Posts

We manually evaluate all promo posts. The higher the quality and usefulness of the content for the end-user, the higher the price we pay for it. Click here to see examples of high quality, high paying promo posts.

I published a post, but after some time the status changed to “Offline” Is this a technical error?

No. “Offline” status occurs when there are errors in your Promo Post which need to be corrected. The most common reasons for “Offline” status are punctuation and spelling mistakes within your post. 70% of posts get rejected because of basic spelling mistakes. Please fix any and all grammatical errors before resubmission. For more help see AdKeeps’ Posting Rules.

I wrote a post about a very expensive and popular brand, but I was only paid $5, why?

When determining how much to pay for a creative, AdKeeps takes into consideration the word count (longer posts are better), the style, quality and grammatical accuracy. Well covered, popular topics and products garner lower rates. Top dollars go to unique material with unique perspectives.

I do not see the accumulated money in my account, is this normal?

First double-check to ensure your posts are publicly viewable. Payment processing begins immediately after AdKeeps accepts and lists your post on the Promo Post Wall. Payments are processed during standard working hours. Payments takes three (3) working days. If you are not able to see your posts on the Promo Post Wall, please contact us by email.

What happens to my articles after they post to your site, do I still own them?

Once Promo Posts are accepted into our system, AdKeeps becomes the new owner of the work. Authors are compensated for these creatives while copyright control is transferred to Adkeeps, SP.