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composed on: 2017-01-15 09:30    Title: FAQ

1. What is AdKeeps and how it can help to earn?

AdKeeps is a free service, that shortens, protects and monetizes your links.

2. What do you need to start using AdKeeps?

Nothing! You can start shortening your links from the main page or sign up to monetize by sharing your shortened links just right now.

3. How much can I earn by sharing links?

We pay more than anyone else in our niche, up to 30 dollars for 1000 visits to your shortened link.

4. What should I do to earn more?

Try out our affiliate program on attracting new users. You will receive 20% from their earnings.

5. What is the affiliate program? Can I earn more, by attracting new users?

You can learn detailed information about our referral program in this article: https://adkeeps.com/pages/earning-money-from-affiliates

6. Which countries does AdKeeps work in?

It works in almost every country.

7. Will AdKeeps work with different sites’ engines?

Of course, you can automate the process of links shortening. There are flexible tools in control panel, and we’ve also developed a WP plugin.

8. Do you have plugin? How can I install it on my WordPress blog?

There is a detailed instruction in this article: https://adkeeps.com/pages/publishers-making-money

9. Will malicious ads be displayed?

We work in partnership with Google. All advertising comes from Google AdWords. That, in turn, provides high-quality filtering.

10. Can the recipient of my link distribute it himself? Will I get paid for it?

You will get paid for any clicks on YOUR links. This article will help you to understand: https://adkeeps.com/pages/making-money-by-shortening-links

11. Can I get statistics to understand better which links are the most popular among my users?

All the statistics is available in the control panel of your account. Statistics is updated every hour, you will be able to see total adjusted income the next day.

12. How can I get earned money?

When you earn at least 10$, you will be able to withdraw gained money to your PayPal or Payoneer account.

The AdKeeps makes payments on Request.

13. I sent my shortened link to 5000 users, but I received only 3500. How to deal with it?

The visitor of your link will not generate income for you, if:

The link was generated not by you but by another/anonymous user;
The visitor did not allow cookies;
The visitor enabled AdBlock;
The visitor has changed IP several times recently;
The visitor has already passed captcha at least 24 hours ago;
The visitor did not pass the captcha.

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