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In this article we will give you the detailed information on how to get started working with AdKeeps. This guide will be divided into several, very precise and understandable parts, using which you will be able to start earning money easily.

You are quite familiar with this (pic.1). You should create unique username and password. Then just put your email address in the email box. The process goes to the confirmation afterwards (by the way, do not forget to check your spam folder), and then you will begin earning money.

As soon as you finish registration, the administrative panel will show up. Some of people are acquainted with it, since they had previous experience in working with other similar money earning services. People, who are unaware of such things, do not think that it is difficult. Spend a few minutes and everything will be clear for you.

Statistics and Link Statistics

Here you can find all the information you want on your money earning. Graphics will show you the tendency of your income and the number of people that viewed your link. Date is also a good position to see the amount of earned money daily.

Next, just put the link you want in the box "Your URL here" (as it is shown on the pic.2), click the "Shorten" button and your URL will be transferred immediately into the AdKeeps link (pic.3) that you should to share with in order to earn money. Just press the "Copy" button and share with the given link to anyone you want.

For shortening the link, you should paste it in the "Your URL here" field and click "Shorten". The link can now be shared like you do it usually.

As it is show on the pic.4, you are able to share with the link, for instance, on your Facebook account in order to promote one..

Note that as soon as you share the link, the user you shared with one, goes on the page with CAPTCHA (pic.5). Only after passing the check, you will gain the money.


When you earn at least 10$, you will be able to withdraw gained money to your PayPal or Payoneer account. The AdKeeps makes payments on Request.

Be sure that you have Payoneer account. If you do not have it, you have to create one.


"Tools" is a special instrument that will help you to make your money earning easier, faster and smarter.

"Quick Link" (pic.6) lets you provide your URL with your unique API token. This is a special method that redirects you to the site, that is shortened by AdKeeps already. This will make the money earning process more systemized and specific.

"Mass Shrinker" is a unique tool that will help you to shorten not one, but many links at once and fast. Very efficient and easy way to push the money gaining process forward quickly.

"Developer’s API" was designed specially for the professional developers that are able use the prepared API in order to make the process shortening links and adding AdKeeps to their websites automatically.

"Script Generator" (pic.7) is a peculiar instrument, designed for Internet project owners. The main advantage of this tool is generating the special script that can be embedded to the websites, working on Java Script engine, which means, to almost any website.


You are able to share with your referral link to anyone you want. The benefits of this instrument are gained by this: any user, who goes to the AdKeeps website at your link, will bring you additional income as a percentage of his earnings.


Here, everything is simple. If you would like to change your email address or password, you can do it easily. Moreover, filling the information of you withdraw will let you get money on your Payoneer account. If you are interested in changing your profile, you can also do it quickly.


AdKeeps is a brand new project, that needs minimum of your efforts to earn money in Internet and be financially independent. Just pass the registration process, attach your Payoneer account and you will be able to start earning money immediately. Do not break the rules, earn fair and make an additional source of income.

Good luck!

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