General Policy On Earnings And Statistics

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composed on: 2017-01-18 13:55    Title: General Policy On Earnings And Statistics

1. Display of statistics and payments to the users are implemented only in US dollar currency.

2. Users of the system can shorten links and share with ones, getting reward from the system at the same time.

3. The income from sharing short links depends on the rate in the moment of the visitor’s clicking.

4. Rates for every click are fixed depending on the place (country) of the user.

5. Click on the short link is payed, if the visitor implemented click to the final page of destination.

6. Click on the short link is payed if the visitor is a unique one.

7. The statistics of Dashboard is updated every 10 minutes.

8. The visitor of link will not generate income, if:

a)The link was generated by anonymous user;

b)The visitor did not allow cookies;

c)The visitor enabled AdBlock;

d)The visitor is not unique;

e)The visitor has already passed captcha earlier;

f)The visitor did not pass the captcha.

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