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What is AdKeeps platform?

AdKeeps is a completely free toolbox, where you can promote apps, share videos and monetize crossings traffic.

How is monetization going, how will I receive income?

You receive income for using our promotion tools. We will pay every time you advertise your apps or videos.

How to start using your magic tools?

Here are the first steps:

  1. Register now!
  2. Immediately after registration, you will have access to the control panel.
  3. Further in the section Manage AppsSearch & add Apps you need find and connect any app from Google Play Store.
  4. Further in the section Manage VideosSearch & add Videos you need find and connect any video from YouTube.
  5. Invite users to Google Play or YouTube via a promo webpage, and we'll pay you to do so.

Please clarify, I will advertise my application and you will pay me for it?

Yes, absolutely right, and not even just for your own apps or video. You can run bespoke promotions for other people and make good money.

I do not have an app or video, and I can’t find who could give me an order for promotion, but I have an audience, can I earn something from you?

Yes, in this case, you can choose any app or video that would be interesting to your audience and promote it.

Are there any rules on your platform?

Yes, we have AdKeeps Policies, please read them thoroughly and follow them.

Which countries does AdKeeps work in?

It works in almost every country.

How much will I earn?

We will pay for everyone who crossings via app promo webpage to the Google Play or YouTube, it all depends on the visitor's location. In this section our Payout Rates.

When will I earn how will I get money from you?

You will be able to withdraw the earned money at any time by reaching the minimum payment threshold of $10, no more than twice a month. Money transfer is carried out within 1-3 business days.

My income was fined 50% and my friend's income was fined 100%, what does that mean?

Before you start using AdKeeps tools, you need to read and follow the AdKeeps Policies.

Our proprietary anti-fraud system operates in post-moderation mode. This means that we carry out traffic checks after withdrawal request of the earned funds is submitted. The invalid traffic is excluded and the member will be fined in the amount equivalent to the amount of invalid traffic.

The violation of the AdKeeps Policies in relation to invalid traffic is not a member's fault. Many of the visitors to member's promo webpage may be invalid. AdKeeps, in turn, will excluded such traffic after final verification. But in the case of deliveries of frequent and large volumes of invalid traffic, the member will bear responsibility.