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«30» October, 2021

AdKeeps” SP, BIN 741226300253, represented by Director R.R. Sharafutdinov, acting on the basis of the Charter, hereinafter referred to as “Customer”, on the one hand, and any person who responded to this offer by giving consent on the webpage, hereinafter referred to as “Publisher” on the other hand, have concluded this civil law contract on the following:

  1. Scope of the Agreement
    • The Publisher assumes the obligations under the Customer's assignment posted on the website (hereinafter - the Site), to reduce and promote the Internet links offered by the Customer, according to the algorithm established by the Site.
    • In this case, third parties who have provided links to their sites (hereinafter - the Advertisers) pay to the Customer for each click on their link, and the Customer in turn pays the Publisher for clicks on its links according to the rates set on the Site.
    • Also, the Publisher, if desires, can distribute its own referral link on the Internet in order to attract new users to the site on its own behalf.
    • At the same time, up to 20% of the earnings on this Site, attracted by the Publisher's referral link to new users, will be paid to the Publisher for the entire duration of the Site's activity.
    • The Customer undertakes to transfer the amounts received from Advertisers paid for clicks on links to a special account of the Publisher on the Site, according to the rates set by the Site.
    • The Customer maintains dollar accounts for Publishers on the Site, and the Publisher has the right to withdraw earned money at any time, once the accumulation reaches $10, by transferring them to his/her real bank account. Publishers are paid in the currency of their country.  
    • The Publisher has the right to: demand that the Customer pay the amounts credited to his special account on the Site when the minimum of 10 US dollars is reached.
    • The Publisher must: comply with the terms of the Customer published on the Site and comply with the Legislation.
    • The Publisher grants the Customer the right to collect, process and store his personal data.
    • The Customer has the right to: refuse to pay the Publisher without justifying the reasons, in case of any suspicion of fraud or an attempt to deceive the system.
    • The Customer must:
    • Ensure proper storage and processing of the collected personal data of the Publisher and prevent unauthorized access to it by third parties, except as established by the Law.
    • The Customer posts on the Site the rates for clicks for Publishers and these rates can be changed at any time at the Customer's discretion.
    • At least 2 times a month, if there are sufficient funds in the Publisher's special account on the Site, make payments at the Publisher's request within 10 banking days.
  2. This Agreement is a public offer and enters into force from the date of the Publisher’s accession to it, provided by clicking on the Customer's website, and is valid until the full performance of the obligations of the Parties. The provisions not regulated by this Agreement, but arising from it, shall be governed by the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
    • Disagreements that may arise between the Parties shall be resolved directly between them through negotiations and mutual agreement. If no agreement can be reached, disagreements shall be resolved by the courts of Kazakhstan in accordance with applicable laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
    • The Privacy Policy, the Personal Data Protection Policy and other information posted on the site by the Customer and accepted by ticking the box is an integral part of this Agreement.