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Good quality Grilled pan with spout (28×28 cm Affordable price)

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Thanks, Stoneline! I’m satisfied with the outcome from different meat and vegetables I cooked. I tried to grilled pork chop and tastes so delicious.  Likewise, I love the result that drain the excess oil easily via two spouts.

When cooking meat Remember just avoid to overcooked it. Otherwise it will come dry.  For vegetables, I tried bell pepper, and eggplant and the result is satisfying. Make sure for vegetables brush a little bit oil in it, so it will remain moist.

I love too how handy it is where I can cook using gas or electric stove, induction.

Speaking of advantages, Agree it’s non-stick pan and easy to clean, just use soft sponge. And I loved the material used made with die-cast iron. So far i I am satisfied with and worth the price. I used to have grilled pan at home from outdoor grill, and Tandoori but this type of grilled pan I have usually used often because it’s very practical to use just heat up and on the go.

Someone interested in this, I can recommend to you! 😊 I read it has 4. 9 plus rating – 5 on site and Yes, I Agreed. 👍

3 responses

  1. luisoabdikadir

    grilled meat Stacks

  2. msallam9990

    Very nice

  3. raphael lundofu

    the pan is accommodatively good and easy to use

any thoughts?

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