Nike Women’s shoes at affordable price

When it comes to fashion and style of footwear, Nike brands for me has everything to offer.  I am a happy costumer love the simple design, style, and durability. I bought last time Nike Air force 1 original design and I enjoy so much to use it, it’s very comfortable on my daily walks, I never felt any pain in my foot because soft foamy quality. Furthermore, I chose the color white which you can fit more with many Outfits you wanted to pair.

Best quality so far and Aside from that, Nike shoes is made of a mix of leather, fabric, foam, and rubber but depend on which style of shoes you’re going to use, usually made with lightweight fabric for the sport.

Their Running shoes design too were very comfy. I enjoy their latest design that have great quality and long lifespan at a reasonable price.  Wearing comfortable shoes in everyday walks are very important than prioritizing on fashion looks yet not so comfortable vs. Being comfortable are different stories. I would rather prefer wearing what makes me happy 🙂

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