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Trusted brand Smartphone (Huawei P Smart z)

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For being many years, Am satisfied with Huawei brands for any smartphone I have until now. I remembered I just change once for Iphone6 but didn’t stay longer after incident happened that broke the entire screen.

Currently using Huawei P Smart Z and it’s works really great. So far, I don’t have any problem encountered. Satisfied the specs of saving files with 64Gb SD memory 4. O Gb ram. Works great too in capturing photos and videos with this latest updated of 16 Mega Pixels which means the more photos and videos are clearer. Actually, I’m using now for vlogging, and lastly Their updated processor specs. 64bit, meaning for faster browsing. I also love I can download many applications in play store as I want.

When it comes to Battery lifespan, it’s dependent on your day-to-day activity, or how long you spend time using your phone the entire day? I’m basing right now on my phone age, of almost 4 yrs. Battery still working good at least 12 to 14 hours straight for Normal use including watching videos and playing music for few hours.  Consider Huawei P Smart Z and enjoy the latest updates.

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  1. samanthazinhle

    I have been using Huawei since I was a student now am a mom am still using it strong. I highly recommend it to anyone because when it come to battery lifespan OMG its so convenient and reliable you can spend the whole day using your phone surfing the internet, reading novels, watching movies and chatting whole day. With this new Huawei P Smart Z I take photos everywhere I go because of its 16 Mega Pixel and satisfying specs for saving files 64 gig SD memory and 4GB ram. Try it and see it for yourself.

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