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Affordable hotel fee while seeing the beautiful scenery at Palawan

Playa-Encantada Beach Resort

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Are you planning to take a vacation but have no idea for an affordable hotel in Palawan?

Well, we have a 5 star hotel but can afford at a low price located at Palawan, it is the Playa-Encantada Beach Resort! Since it is located at Palawan, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery without thinking for a high value payment in the hotel. You can sit and relax in our terrace and balcony while enjoying and feeling the good ambience that the sea brought. You can relax and remove your stress here.

If you want to bring your pet, there’s no problem because our hotel is also accommodating pets. Your kids will also enjoy here because we have a playground where they can play games.  If you want to travel near the hotel, you can rent a car that the hotel owns but if you are saving your money, you can still travel through our free ride in shuttle.

You will never regret in choosing our Playa-Encantada Beach Resort because this is the only hotel where you can experience a hotel like but a castle in heart.

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  1. prohaterabie

    If I want to ask you something about how to learn to do it how much we is spends..

any thoughts?

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