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Tasty Artisan Recipes

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Find your new and  interesting tasty crafts for all your favorite foods and drink that will build love for your friends and family from Taste of Artisan.

This platform offers a variety of food and drink recipes to suit your needs, whether it is family meal, friends get together, or parties. The best part of it is that the information is available for free for anyone who is interested on trying new food recipes. At least I can attest to that!

I read an article about French baguettes, which are a favorite in most French nationals because of its beautiful-crusty look from the outside and its soft-chewy from the inside. I thought to myself why not try this recipe and that is why I settled for Taste of Artisan.

The platform has deliberate information of the type of food one would be looking for with a brief history of its origin, preparation process, and equipment needed. I had fun doing this which came out very well and I enjoyed with my daughter who prides to be a good chef in one of the five star hotels in the US. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

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