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NO frost fridge (Bosch)

Bosch KAN93VIFP NO Frost fridge

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Shop with no doubts with this Bosch KAN93VIFP NO Frost fridge aside from the classic American door design and the gray color which I bet so much. I also love the whole specifications, in terms of Appliances placement, it is freestanding, the total net capacity which is 560L, and especially the freezer position it is great too. You wouldn’t bother for the cooling system since it is No frost. Unlike the old fridge brand design, you will need time to defrost it.

But this modern Style, It is worth your money to spend. I don’t have any problem anyway. I can adjust temperature if I need to.

Regarding the noise level you heard, just means your fridge is running and working as it should. However, You can check noise level if you find the noise is your concern, just look at the decibel rating. A Lower decibel means a quieter fridge, As it says, Most fridges have a range of 32-37 decibel.

You can choose any design and style depend on your preference, you can scroll this brand in search bar and check their offer or better wait if on the sale. 😉

any thoughts?

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