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All you need for making cookies and Cakes (Baking tools set)

Cookies on Bowl

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Baking tools set is one of my collections. I love discovering new tools and try what’s the outcome. This 25 pcs. Set of cookies press and Icing piping is so beautiful, you will enjoy the different shapes you make and the wonderful design for piping. Material used is made an aluminum alloy and plastic for decorating cakes, It is food grade material and FDA certificated, It is easy to use to especially for beginners, but it’s also good for Both pro. Proven, it is durable. It’s very useful in special occasions like celebrating children’s birthday. I always had this cookies shape serve in the table, and I used to, whenever I want to prefer special cookie for my friends children, so they’re enjoying. I just observed one thing for the first time I used it. You’ll need to know the right and exact recipes of the cookie dough, the outcome of your dough may vary the result of this cookie press cutter. But it’s normal the first time is a bit messy.

The piping nozzle works great too for designing cakes, if you are a beginner and have passion on decorating, surely you can make an outcome like a pro.

Just check on site if you’ll find this useful.

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  1. doramosop

    cookies test yamy and delicious it’s the best snack to take, special during the parties it easy to prepaire, all you need is to have all the recipes reguired ,you can even give out to friends as a gift during birthdays,

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