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One of the best Airfryer brand so far

Philips Airfryer

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It’s been long time I’m using this brand and so satisfied to use this.  I hook into traditional way of cooking not until I become a mother of three kids who enjoy frying thing.  Now I love it, avoiding using too much oil while frying. For me, it’s a great option, specially if you are particular with your health.

Speaking of the functionality and the design, this Philips Air fryer XL works great. It is user-friendly, cooking time and temperature works well. The capacity of food to put inside just enough for a family, so you don’t need to cook them by batch, very practical.  I’m using this machine most of the time since then and now still working. If in case you have to plan to acquire Air fryer in the future, I can recommend this to you and even to my Colleagues. Worth the price for over all features and capacity. Saving lifetime liters of frying oil at the same time staying healthy for our kids as they grown-ups, not exposing them to deep-frying thing which isn’t good for their health. Thanks for the great design.


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2 responses

  1. zainabashley45

    The airfriyer is just amazing,long lasting and I have been using one for five good years now. And it still does great .

  2. Kyarisiima Alex Mariam

    Am satisfied with this Philips Air fryer XL because it’s user friendly and it helps me avoid using too much oil, temperature works well too. Now I recommend this to anyone who is looking for a better Air fryer.

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