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Are you looking for a trusted courier services (Local to International)

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Shopping through online now are common for this generation, and thanks to the advancement of technology. Courier services are very in demand these days and I know each of us already have idea and have courier services you loved most.

For those who are looking to a trusted one. I’m going to share with you this courier I’d been using a long time. LBC is my trusted one services. Every year I used to send “Balik Bayan” box from Italy-Philippines or vice versa for almost 5 years. I tell you my box always arrived on time and intact. Their delivery period for sea cargo, more or less waiting time, is 60 days. You can choose different sizes of box from Small, Medium, Large, and extra Large.

I always keep Extra Large which is worth the price 120 euro (don’t know if it pays more now) with the limits of weight 80 kg +.  I used to send also in local place in the Philippines if I ordered some things online or any documents needed to send.

If you already decided to pick LBC courier as trusted one, just search on Google map for the nearest location. 😉

any thoughts?

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