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Black Tablet Computer Behind Books

Aside from spending my spare time scrolling in social media. Reading books is one of my comfort zone. Nowadays, it’s very practical having E-Books and I love it. Where you can read anytime, anywhere without carrying extra heavy loads.

Consider these updated model and design of E-Books. Choose brands where you think you can afford to invest, visit this site and check for the specific functionality you want.

I’ll mention 2 which I like most in terms of design and specs.  Kobo Libra and Kindle. In any of them, you can easily organize your reading preferences. Save and Return to pages where you left. Able to download books as many as you want to enjoy.

In terms of design, it is very light with (7″ 300 PPI) and most important thing specially reading in outdoor places like pool or beaches it is secured because it’s waterproof design that you won’t regret to spent dollars.

Thinking to opt E-Book? Or just still want to spend time searching in the bookstore to acquire one, or in the public library to spend time with?

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